A search engine of aerial visualizations for 
construction engineering and management students and instructors
The Cyber-Eye approach seeks to revolutionize CEM learning and amplify students understanding of the dynamic complexity of the CEM physical and social contexts through aerial visualizations using UAS. 
These systems are composed of equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), ground control stations, and communication data links when the UAV is provided with a common video camera, data communication platform, and positioning sensors.
It captures the physical environment within human visual spectrum as an input, which includes the transmission to ground control station of video and images together with geographical positioning data. 
The Cyber-Eye project uses UAS-afforded Aerial Visualisations to minimize the cognitive distance between in-classroom discussions of CEM content and authentic in-situ contexts.

How it works

 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) afford localized aerial visualizations of construction and infrastructure projects. 

This approach provides students with authentic, real-world physical and social contextual information through aerial visualizations that immerse learners in situated construction environments.